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OLAPLEX – The Hair Colour Protector

OLAPLEX – The Blonde Hair Game Changer at BLONDE ENVY Hair Salons in Milton Keynes & Towcester

olaplex hair repair treatments at BLONDE ENVY Hair Salons in Milton Keynes, newport pagnell, kingston, towcester and westcroft

Are you experiencing hair breakage or perhaps your hair just won’t grow – you need to get some OLAPLEX in your life!

During thermal, mechanical and chemical processes, the disulfide bonds in your hair become broken, leading to fragile, dry and frizzy hair.  In simple terms, when you lighten, colour (bleach or tint) your hair, use a flat iron or hairdryer or any hot styling tool you are breaking disulfide sulphur bonds in your hair.  

OLAPLEX can transform frazzled hair that is dry, damaged or prone to breakage and dramatically reduce damage to the hair and repair bonds that can be broken during hair colouring or bleaching services.

Its revolutionary system is designed to permanently rebuild damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process.

The results are incredible! Ensuring you are left with the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

OLAPLEX makes your hair stronger and healthier and your colour will last longer. Hey, you might even want to go a little lighter through your already lightened ends.  OLAPLEX allows us to do this without compromising the condition of your hair.  Plus, the more you use OLAPLEX, the better your hair will become.

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How Do You Use OLAPLEX?

OLAPLEX can be added during the hair colouring process for instant protection.  We highly recommend this if you are lightening your hair.  It can also be used as a stand-alone hair treatment for hair that is already compromised – and there is a take home product so you can continue to look after your hair at home.

Ask your BLONDE ARMY hair stylist for more information about what OLAPLEX can do for your hair.  Oooh and we almost forgot to tell you… OLAPLEX is free of silicone, sulphates, DEA phthalates aldehydes, is gluten-free and not tested on animals.

Does OLAPLEX Work For Hair Colour Correction?

Yes! Clients that visit us after a hair colour disaster tend to have hair that is dry and brittle from being over-processed but, with OLAPLEX we are able to restore it to beautiful condition and apply new colour on top during the same service.

Hair that is damaged and over-processed can be massively improved in just one use with OLAPLEX. 


OLAPLEX is not only an in-salon experience, they have recently developed an amazing range of products to use at home to give you healthy looking, shiny and manageable hair in between salon visits!

The range includes a weekly masque, a luxurious shampoo & conditioner duo and styling ranges to keep frizz at bay – even better, they smell good enough to eat! Ask your Blonde Envy stylist about the best OLAPLEX products for you to take home. 

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