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The Best Haircuts & Styles in Milton Keynes at BLONDE ENVY Hair Salons

You’ve found your perfect hair colour and hair style so all you need now is a great hair colourist and stylist. We offer the best haircuts & styles in Milton Keynes.

We are trained in the latest precision cutting techniques and are up-to-date with the latest cutting and styling techniques so whether you want an on-trend choppy bob or a cool and edgy pixie cut, you know where to come!

Not sure what to do with your hair?  Book in for a complimentary consultation where we can discuss hairstyles and assess your hair, to suggest the perfect hairstyle for you.

Now check out these hairstyles before booking in for your next hair cut at BLONDE ENVY Hairdressers in the Milton Keynes area.

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Can You Cut It? Prices

Enjoy a shampoo, cut, blowdry and heat style (45 mins) with consultation.
Together we will choose a style and colour that compliments your face shape, skin tone, personality and maintenance regime.

Executive £74.50*

Director £69.50*

 Associate £64.00*

Principal £59.50*

Creative   £54.50*

Designer  £49.50*

New Talent £39.50*

Time For The Chop?  Short Hair Ideas!

It’s important to keep short hair looking sharp and fresh with a regular professional hair cut.  Short hair can be amazingly versatile, especially if you use the right hair product.  Layered hair can be blow dried with added volume for a glamorous look, given added texture for an edgy style or rough dried for a natural feel.

If you’re feeling daring, why not opt for an asymmetrical hairstyle – short one side, longer on the other – and consider adding extra interest to your short hair with a gorgeous new hair colour.  Blonde, balayage… some other colour you’ve been lusting after.  You know where we are!

Bob or Lob?  Don’t Mind If I Do!

You can achieve just about any look with mid-length hair – but bobs and lobs are by far the most popular.  Wear your hair slicked back, curly or poker straight.  If you have fine hair we can add layers to make it look full of volume.  This is also a great technique if you are at that ‘in-between’ growing out stage. 

With the right hair product your hairstyle should have great lasting power too!

Longing for Length?  Long Hair Ideas You’ll Love

The first rule with long hair is to make sure it is in great condition.  We can transform dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair into smooth and shiny hair for up to five months.  All you need to do is book an appointment at one of our hair salons for an incredible Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment.  Make sure you have regular trims to control any split ends and to keep layers in check.

Long hair is incredibly versatile.  Wear your hair long and curly with either natural looking curls or mermaid waves, poker straight, in an upstyle or opt for an on-trend plaited hairstyle.

Updos for Your ‘Do’

Going to a special do?  Whatever your special occasion, we can create stunning upstyle.  We’re talking prom hair, bridal hairstyles and party hairstyles that really will suit you.   We’ll even help you choose an upstyle that suits your outfit, sense of style and face shape.  Ballet buns, retro upstyles, plaited styles and chilled out boho upstyles are very much on-trend at the moment.

Thoroughly Modern Styles

At Blonde Envy Hair Salons, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of modern hairstyles that exude style and individuality. Among our trendsetting cuts, the modern shag stands out as a popular choice. This contemporary take on the classic shag incorporates textured layers and dynamic, tousled ends, creating a chic and effortlessly cool look.

Whether you're seeking a bold, edgy appearance or a softer, more refined vibe, the team at Blonde Envy Hair Salons promises to deliver a head-turning, fashion-forward statement that leaves you feeling confident and fabulous. Embrace the modern era of hair with us, and experience the artistry of our exceptional team.

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