Understanding Blonde Hair at BLONDE ENVY Hair Salons in Milton Keynes & Towcester

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Did you know that only 2% of people in the world are naturally blonde? The blonde hair colour experts at BLONDE ENVY Hair Salons in Milton Keynes & Towcester can help you to find the perfect, natural looking blonde hair colour.

The Best Blonde Hair Colour Salons Near Me

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Your Blonde Hair Colour Consultation at BLONDE ENVY Hair Salons 

It’s important we get your hair colour spot on so you’ll receive an in-depth hair colour consultation every time you visit.  Your highly trained hair colourist will take the time to listen to your past colour experiences, your loves and loathes, in a space where you can have a conversation in plain English (and no “hairdresser talk”).

We want you to fully understand what’s going on so we’ll explain to you what we are doing every step of the way.  We will be up-front and honest with you about how we can achieve your dream hair, which means you can relax while going through the process of having your hair coloured and not worry about what you’re going to end up with.

The result?  You’ll leave our salons with exactly the hair colour you’ve been dreaming of.  We also offer a whole range of hair colours.  Find out more about our hair colour services here

Which Blonde Hair Colour Should I Choose?

Blonde hair colour can range from the whitest platinum blonde to a very light brown shade.  

Once we’ve discussed the blonde hair colour you desire, your BLONDE ENVY colour specialist will assess your base colour, so that we can see how long it will take our hair colour experts to lift your shade to your desired blonde colour. 

Please note : If you are new to hair colour or haven’t visited us in 6 months, you will require a quick patch test 48 hours prior to your BLONDE ENVY hair colour appointment. 

Which Blonde Tone Should I Choose?

The BLONDE ENVY hair colour experts can decide which tone is right for you – taking into account your skin tone and even your eye colour to find a tone that compliments and brightens your complexion perfectly.

Tones can range from a red through to golden and blue-toned ash blonde shades. Your BLONDE ENVY colour expert may also add a secondary undertone to make your blonde hair colour beautifully multi-dimensional. 

Golden blondes, copper, caramel and honey blondes all have warm undertones. If you want a more platinum blonde or champagne blonde hair colour, we will add some cool blue or purple tones, which can prevent your colour from looking brassy. Neutral tones support your base colour rather than adding colour or removing brassy tones.

Maintain Your New Blonde Hair Colour with BLONDE ENVY

To help your new hair colour to remain looking fresh for as long as possible, you should invest in a specialist shampoo and conditioner for blondes. Your BLONDE ENVY colour expert can recommend the best professional hair care products for your new blonde shade. 

Depending upon the contrast with your natural hair colour, you will need to book in to have your roots touched up every 6 to 8 weeks. A glossing treatment or toner can also work wonders in refreshing your blonde hair colour in-between visits to BLONDE ENVY Hair Salons in Milton Keynes & Towcester.

Book Your Blonde Hair Colour Appointment at BLONDE ENVY Hair Salons in Milton Keynes & Towcester

We’d love to help you achieve an on-trend blonde hair colour, so book in at your local Blonde Envy salon for a complimentary consultation now using the links below.