Give Your Hair Routine a Spring Clean!

Forget The Cupboards, Spring Clean Your Hair Routine Instead! Top Tips From Blonde Envy by ZIGZAG Hair Salons!


Take off the marigolds and put away your duster, it's time to show yourself some love and give your hair & beauty routine a Spring Clean! If you're looking for a new hairstyle or colour for the new season, why not book an appointment at your local Blonde Envy salon.

Recycle Expired Hair Products

Kevin Murphy ProductsCheck the expiry dates on your haircare products and recycle those bottles that are out of date. Hair spray are less likely to deteriorate after their expiry dates but do check all cream or liquid-based products in tubs and bottles.  

Now that you've decluttered your bathroom cupboards, you can restock them with fresh supplies of your favourite products, or perhaps find something entirely new.  Pop into our Milton Keynes hair salons and we'll be happy to advise you.

Wipe Clean Your Electrical Tools

Heated styling tools such as curlers, hair straighteners and curling wands should be cleaned regularly to get rid of germs, dirt, sprays and serums. Dirty tools will transfer grime back onto your hair and affect how well you can style it! Make sure that you unplug your electrical tools before cleaning and NEVER submerge them in water.  Use a damp (not wet) cloth to clean the styling plates and make sure they are completely dry before you use them again. 

Clean Your Hairbrushes

Styling Tools Spring Cleaning at Blonde Envy by ZIGZAGRegularly clear the hair out of your brushes and wash them weekly, using a deep-cleansing shampoo to avoid brushing dirt, grease and germs back into your hair!

If you use a wooden or paddle brush, make sure that you check the manufacturer's guidelines on washing so you don't spoil the wood effect, however a quick swish with hot water should be sufficient.  

Empty Your Hairdryer Filter

A hairdryer filter that is full of dust and dirt can really affect how your dryer performs. Check your manufacturer's instructions first and ensure that your dryer is unplugged before you remove the filter. Then simply wipe with a damp (not wet) cloth to remove build up, again ensuring that it is completely dry before you switch it on again. 

Invest In a New Pillowcase

Pillowcase at Blonde Envy Hair SalonsWhat has your pillowcase got to do with your hair? You spend a good few hours every night with your hair and face rubbing against your pillow, which can cause bed head, hair breakage, bacteria transfer and even wrinkles in your face!

A silky pillowcase can reduce the friction usually experienced with cotton pillowcases and dermatologists even say that sleeping on a silky smooth surface will make your skin less prone to wrinkles too, so it's definitely worth a shot!

If you don't want to invest in a silky pillowcase, ensure that your bedding is washed regularly to avoid bacteria build up.