Hair Care in Pregnancy

Hair Care During & After Pregnancy – ZIGZAG Hair Studios


With the second Royal baby due any day we’ve put together a little guide to pregnancy hair care to give all you lovely pregnant ladies some support when it comes to looking after your hair during and after pregnancy.


We know pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster but the team at ZIGZAG Hair Studios are here to help you to look your best the whole nine months and beyond.  But first, let us answer some questions about your hair and how it may change during pregnancy…

Can Pregnancy Change Your Hair?

Fluctuating hormones may see you experience changes in your hair.  Very often your hair becomes thicker and glossier but sometimes women experience temporary hair loss, dry hair or greasy hair.  These are all side effects of your hormonal changes and things will return to normal once your hormone levels return to normal a few months after birth.  If you are concerned about your hair, please come and talk to your ZIGZAG hair stylist as we may be able to recommend a new shampoo or conditioner or restyle your hair to make it look more luxurious.

Colouring Your Hair When Pregnant

Many pregnant women want to know if it is  safe to colour their hair when pregnant or breastfeeding?  Contrary to popular belief, the NHS now say that most research into dyeing hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding generally shows that it is OK to colour your hair when pregnant – although most women wait until their 13th week of pregnancy before applying hair dye. Click here to find out what the NHS say about colouring your hair when pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Hairstyles During Pregnancy

Is pregnancy a good time to change your hairstyle? Remember that your hormones are ‘up and down’, so speak to your hair stylist before you decide on a new hairstyle.  Think twice about any drastic hairstyle changes during pregnancy. If you are pregnant with long hair you can easily experiment with different ways of putting your hair up and still look amazing.

Hairstyles For New Mums

Being a new mum comes with all kinds of challenges and new situations.  You may feel tired and emotional and your hair and beauty regime may well take a ‘back seat’ for a while.  If possible, try and have a little ‘me time’ – perhaps your partner, a trusted family member or friend can look after baby for an hour while you have a nap, a bath or get your hair done.  Taking the time to maintain a basic hair and beauty regime can make all the difference to your self esteem.   At your next ZIGZAG Hair Studios appointment, don’t forget to rebook before you leave and give yourself a little hair or beauty treat to look forward to.

When it comes to hairstyles for new mums, you need to think quick and easy.  Low maintenance hairstyles are great for busy mums.  Whether you plait your hair, put your hair into a high ponytail or use an ingenious bun ring to create a big, professional looking hair up in seconds, there is definitely a hairstyle for a busy mum like you.  You might even want to opt for a shorter hairstyle for ease but speak to your ZIGZAG Hair Studios stylist first to find out which hair styles will suit your face shape and your lifestyle.

Pregnancy Hair Appointments at ZIGZAG Hair Studios

Join us at ZIGZAG Hair Studios for some mum-to-be relaxation and rejuvenation.  You can book your pregnancy hair appointment online here.