Hair Trends for 2014

2014 Hair Trends from ZIGZAG Hair Studios, Milton Keynes & Northamptonshire, Towcester

What will be the top hair trends in 2014?  Will we be wearing our hair short or long?  Which hair colour is ‘in’ for the New Year?

The team at ZIGZAG Hairdressing Salons predict the top hairstyles for men and women for 2014 to give you inspiration for your New Year look.


If you’d like a fabulous new hairstyle for 2014, give the team at ZIGZAG Hair Studios a call on one of the numbers at the bottom of this article.  Or you can book your ZIGZAG hair appointment online here.

The ZIGZAG Salons

Bold hair colours for 2014

Hair colour in 2014 will be bold and beautiful.  We  are experts at creating the latest delicious hair colours so you can trust in ZIGZAG Hair Studios if you’re looking for a rich red or copper, a golden blonde or platinum, a deep brunette or a pastel pink, blue or purple hair colour.

Hair parted low on the side for 2014

Low side partings have been a big trend on the fashion catwalks and with celebrities so now is the time for you to see if this 2014 hair trend works for you!

Plaited and braided hairstyle trends in 2014

Braids and plaits were a big hit in 2013 and show no signs of fading in popularity during 2014.  At ZIGZAG Hair Studios we can create the most intricate plaited hairstyles and upstyles so come and talk to us about your on-trend plaited hairstyle.

The classic bob hairstyle in 2014

The classic bob haircut will be worn shorter in 2014 – sitting on or above your jawline – and try our a bright new hair colour to show off the precision cutting involved in creating this hairstyle.

Short hair trends for 2014

If you’ve been thinking about having your hair cut off then 2014 is the year in which to take the plunge!  Short hair styles for women will be big news for 2014.  Consider updating your look with a pixie cut, a quiff or choppy texturised short hair cut – and add a great new colour to make your short hairstyle ‘pop’.

Long hair trends for 2014

If you have long hair then make sure you make the most of it in 2014.  Be versatile!  Wear your hair poker straight one day, in curls the next, in a low ponytail on another day, followed by a windswept upstyle!  Of course, your hair will need to be in tip-top condition if it’s going to look its best so consider a Brazilian Blow Dry treatment at ZIGZAG Hair Studios.  We can create amazing straight and shiny hair with our Nanokeratin System for long-lasting smooth hair.

Men’s hair trends for 2014

Men’s hairstyles for 2014 are looking back to the 1940s, 50s and 60s for inspiration.  Think Don Draper from Mad Men for a classic slick backed men’s hairstyle or Elvis for a quiffed hairstyle for men.   If you have naturally curly hair, grow your hair longer on top to emulate the quiffed look, shave the sides and back (or at the very least have a close cut) to bring these vintage men’s hairstyles up to date.

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