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Self Care During Lockdown

Show Yourself Love During Lockdown With Blonde Envy by ZIGZAG Salons in Milton Keynes

Whilst we power through Lockdown, don’t forget to show yourself the love that you would show to a partner, friend or family member. 

Self care is by no means selfish, by looking after yourself you will be in a better position to spread the love amongst those around you. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup. 

Below, the team at the Blonde Envy by ZIGZAG Salons in Milton Keynes share some of our favourite self-care ideas…

Turn Your Home Into a Spa For The Day

Spa Day at Home Blonde Envy by ZIGZAG Hair Salons in Milton KeynesIf your plans for a spa day have been spoiled by the lockdown, why not recreate the spa experience in your own home? Turn off your phone, dim the lights and select a soothing playlist. Light a scented candle or two and ensure you have some fluffy towels to hand.

Create a luxurious bath, using essential oils and bubbles, and relax. Whilst you are in the bath, it’s the perfect time to revitalise your hair with a hydrating hair mask, such as OLAPLEX No3 Perfector. 

Treat your skin to a skin quenching face mask, the steam will have opened your pores so you will reap the full benefits. When you step out of the bath envelop your body in a rich body butter and finish with a manicure and pedicure.

Check in With Yourself

True self-care is more than skin deep. One of the most loving things you can do for yourself is to check in on your feelings and show yourself kindness. Grab a notebook and think about what you may say to cheer up your best friend, and then extend these to yourself. You could simply note down your strengths, times that you have been proud of yourself and acts of kindness for example.

Lockdown is challenging and it’s not unusual to feel low, by showing yourself kindness and acknowledging your feelings you should feel a lot more calm and positive. 

Show Your Hair Some Love

kevin murphy colouring angels hair products, hair salons in milton keynesMany people say our hair is the crown we never take off, so let’s treat it that way! There’s nothing so demoralising as catching sight of ourselves with wild lockdown locks. 

Instead of feeling blue about your hair, take some time so who it the love it deserves with a hair mask, trying out new professional products and even experimenting with some tutorials on new ways of styling. Something as simple as colour brightening rinse such as the KEVIN.MURPHY COLOURING.ANGELS and changing your parting can conceal your roots and make you feel fabulous. 

Reconnect With Loved Ones During Lockdown

Coping with loneliness in lockdown has been a real challenge for so many of us, especially if you have to shield or isolate and live alone. If you aren’t able to spend time with a partner or family, how about booking a group Zoom call with your friends? You could watch a new boxset series, cook or even have a virtual dinner together.

Writing a letter to an old friend can also be a great way to reconnect, and a handwritten note is a special gift during these challenging times. If you are struggling with loneliness, there are tips from the NHS here.

Remove Unwanted Baggage

Self Care Ideas BLONDE ENVY by ZIGZAG Hair Salons in Milton Keynes and TowcesterSometimes selling, regifting or throwing out items that no longer serve us is incredibly cathartic. Whether that be that heels that you’ve never worn, roller skates you swore you’d use or a rubbish boyfriend, a good clear out can be good for the soul. 

There are many local selling groups on Facebook, selling sites for more national sales and charity shops that would welcome your items. You’ll feel lighter, perhaps more rich too, and someone else will get the joy from your unwanted items (maybe not the boyfriend though).

Get Up, Get Moving!

Whilst it may seem an almost Herculean task to turn off the TV, peel yourself off the couch and put on your exercise clothes – it is a challenge worth undertaking. Countless studies have proven the mental and physical health benefits of exercise. Exercise can even give your immune system a boost (ideal for the current climate)!

If you are able to, try going for a nice walk down in your local area or stream a free workout on YouTube. 

Have kids? Try out the Cosmic Kids yoga app, we are sure you’ll both enjoy it as well as creating a calmer mind and healthier body for adults and children alike!

Find The Perfect Gift For a Loved One

Blonde Envy Gift Cards Blonde Envy by ZIGZAG Hair Salons in Milton KeynesAs a treat for yourself or to cheer up a friend or family member during lockdown, we’d recommend our online gift cards to use when the salon re-opens.

The gift cards can be purchased from just £25 up to £500 and can be sent directly to your special someone. They are an excellent way to show your love at this time and can be purchased via our online booking system. 


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