Spring Hair Trends

Spring Hairstyle Trends at ZIGZAG Hair Studios, Towcester

Celebrities around the globe are referring to their hairstylists for new updates now that Spring has arrived.

Have you decided which haircut you are going to wear in spring 2016? Book an appointment at ZIGZAG Hair Studios and let one of our talented hair designers help you create your individual style for spring. Check out some of the latest hairstyle ideas for spring 2016.

Sleek Straight Hairstyle Trend

Get a super-straight hairdo for an on-trend look this Spring. A straight hairstyle can be achieved by blow drying your hair straight and applying a heat protection serum before straightening with irons.  Finish off with a shine spray for a chic and polished look!

Pigtails and Plaits for Spring

Pigtails and plaits are bang on trend and totally fashionable for spring 2016.  While pigtails probably work better on teenagers, you can easily adapt the hairstyle for a more sophisticated look.  Simply wear a single plait high on your head or wear it low and to one side.

Scandi Wavy Hairstyles

Get gorgeously relaxed wavy hair with Scandi Waves where the curls start a few inches from your parting. If you have worn your hair in a plait, just remove your plait and run your hands through your hair for a messy, wavy look. At ZIGZAG Hair Studios we can create longer lasting wavy hairstyles fit for any occasion from weddings to BBQs on the beach!

Short Spring Hairstyle Ideas

Are you ready for a short spring hair cut? A short hairstyle is low maintenance, high fashion and fabulous. Our team of experts at ZIGZAG Hair Studios are on hand to help create a short style to suit you and your personality. Try a cute pixie cut or go as short as your dare with a buzz cut or shaved sides.

Get a makeover this Spring. Book a hairstyle makeover appointment at your local ZIGZAG salon and get a great new style.