Summer Hair Colour Trends

Five Hot Summer Hair Colours from ZIGZAG Hair Studios, Towcester

Are you looking for a cool new look this summer?  Why not start with a gorgeous new hair colour? There are so many lovely hair colours around and we love with them all. Here are our top five!

Blonde Hair Colours For Summer

BUTTERY COLOURED BLONDES for summer, hair salons in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Wescroft and KingstonForget the icy blondes of last year – in 2016 it’s all about warm blondes.

Think buttery yellows, honey blondes and golden blondes.  These colours look great on women of all ages and we can find the perfect blonde to suit your skin colouring and eye colour.

Book in for a hair colour consultation and let our hair colour experts work their magic on your hair?

Ombre, Balayage & Sun Kissed Hair Colour Trends

SUN KISSED HAIR COLOURS, hair salons in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Wescroft and KingstonOmbre and balayage hair colouring techniques are here to stay during 2016.  You know the style we’re talking about – the ‘deliberate roots’ look!

We can create all sorts of effects using this fashion hair colouring technique from bold colour contrasts to more subtle darker roots.

For a very subtle but pretty summer look, why not have some sun-kissed colour added to the ends of your hair and around your face?

If you’ve seen a look you particularly like, bring along a photo to show us what you’re after.

Silver Grey Hair For Young Women

SILVER GREY HAIR COLOURS AT hair salons in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Wescroft and KingstonThe world has gone mad for grey hair!  Silver grey hair is the ultimate in ‘granny chic’.

Ask your stylist if this look will suit you – they’ll give you some honest advice!

Your hair colour can have a silver or grey hue or you can veer more towards a platinum blonde with whiter tones.

Fashion Hair Colours

BLUE HAIR COLOUR TREND, hair salons in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Wescroft and KingstonSummer is a great time to have some fun with your hair colour and it doesn’t get more fun than with pastel hair colours.

Baby pinks, lilacs and denim blues can be hard to achieve at home so ask your colour technician at ZIGZAG Hair Studios to talk you through what can be achieved with your hair.

Perhaps you’re looking for a deep, dark, intense colour or maybe you want to have a bright red or blue hair colour?  We will give you some honest advice about what can realistically be achieved on your hair so you end up with a gorgeous look that’s just right for you!

Add Interest To Natural Hair Colours

summer hair colour trends, hair salons in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Wescroft and KingstonAre you fed up with your natural hair colour?  Why not give it a lift with some highlights or lowlights?  Or maybe you’d prefer to have some colour added around the face?

Add some rich reds to brown hair, lift fair hair with golden highlights and put some chocolate browns or russet reds into very dark hair.

Whatever hair colour you decide upon, give our salons a call on the links below to book your hair appointment.