The Best Blondes For 2024

The Best Blonde Hair Colours For 2024

Who knew that there were so many different shades of blonde? From bright platinum blondes to golden balayage highlights, the blonde options are almost endless. To make choosing a blonde shade easier, the experts at Blonde Envy Hair Salons in Milton Keynes and Towcester look at the best blonde hair colours to try in 2024.

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Linen Blonde

This subtle and sophisticated hue, reminiscent of pale linen fabric, uses a variety of blonde shades to complement various skin tones. At Blonde Envy, our skilled stylists specialise in creating customised Linen Blonde shades tailored to your features and preferences.

Whether you prefer sleek, straight styles or loose, tousled waves, Linen Blonde adapts effortlessly to different hairstyles, ensuring a sophisticated look on any occasion.

Golden Blondes

When it comes to blonde shades that flatter every skin tone, golden blonde is the perfect choice. Blended with notes of honey, gold, and buttery tones, these golden shades can add shine, dimension, and brightness to your hair colour.

There are many shades of warm golden blonde looks, ranging from dark molten golds, caramel blonde shades to ultra-light shades of buttery blonde. We can deepen your blonde hair with golden shades or brighten a brunette base with stunning golden blonde highlights.

Silver Blonde Hair Colour

Silver blonde hair looks stunning, particularly against olive skin tones. To achieve the perfect silver blonde hair colour, we'll need to lighten your hair to a bright platinum level of blonde and use toners to deliver your icy blonde goals.

If your hair is currently a darker shade, please be aware that it may take more than one appointment to lift your colour whilst maintaining the health of your hair. We would always recommend adding Goldwell BondPro during the process service to repair damaged hair and protect your hair during the bleaching service. BondPro will leave you with stunning, healthy looking silver blonde hair! 

Creamy Vanilla Blondes

Creamy blonde hair involves the perfect combination of cool and warm blonde tones which means that it will flatter most skin tones! This creamy vanilla look consists of a medium blonde base mixed with a few platinum blonde strands as well as deeper highlights blended on the top layers of your hair for a natural looking blonde hair colour.

Your Blonde Envy  colour specialist can place the highlights in a tailored way to highlight your hairstyle, features and complexion for a super flattering, sun-kissed look.

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