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Hair Treatments at ZIGZAG Hair Studios

hair treatments, serum bar, zigzag hair salons, milton keynes, kingston, towcester, newport pagnell, newton leys, westcroftWe stock the full range of Goldwell Dualsenses Serums which are designed to give your hair the boost it needs – whether that is to lock in colour, add shine, revive curls or rejuvenate dull and lifeless locks.

Once you’ve tried one of these fabulous serums we’re convinced you’ll never turn back.

For just £5 we can add a serum to your normal hair wash service.  Your ZIGZAG Hair Designer will advise you on the appropriate DUALSENSES Serum for your hair but take a look at the five options below for inspiration.


The ZIGZAG Salons

Color Lock Serum Service

Instantly locks in and intensifies your hair colour to give you longer lasting colour for up to 22 washes*.

Color Extra Rich Lock Serum Service

An even richer serum for colour-treated hair that locks in and intensifies colour brilliance to give you longer lasting colour for up to 22 washes*.

Blondes & Highlights Lock Serum Service

Locks in and intensifies hair colour brilliance, providing regenerative care.  Longer lasting colour for up to 22 washes*.

Rich Repair Regeneration Serum Service

Intensively regenerates your hair in seconds to give you ultimate shine.  Protects against mechanical damages and heat.

Curl Enriching Serum Service

Intensively strengthens the hair and gives back its natural elasticity.  With anti-frizz effect, this serum is perfect for use after a perm.

*Serum application is an in-salon service to be applied to hair directly after color/perm or shampoo.

Dualsenses serum from Goldwell