Texture Smooth

hair straighteningHair Smoothing Treatments at ZIGZAG Hair Studios

If you’re fed up with your naturally curly or frizzy hair and long for straight and smooth hair, try our fabulous Texture Smooth service at ZIGZAG Hair Studio.

The service takes three to four hours to complete and costs from £185 which includes a Cut & Finish. Once we have assessed your hair, we will give you a free no-obligation quote so you can decide whether you want to go ahead.

On most clients this service will fully straighten hair or remove frizz and control waves for between six to eight months.

Texture Smooth fortifies your hair with patented technology to ensure even, predictable results. Hair is left conditioned and protected, looks beautiful, feels natural and moves like silk.  You will also find that your styling time is dramatically reduced as you will wake up with lovely straight and silky hair every day for months.

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