Highlights & Lowlights – What Are They?

What Are Highlights and Lowlights? Ask The Hair Colour Experts at Blonde Envy Hair Salons in Milton Keynes and Towcester 

Whether you want to inject radiance to dull hair, add subtle pastel or fashion colours or just fancy a change of hair colour, lowlights and highlights are the easiest way to transform your hair colour. But which technique is right for you and what do you need to know about highlights and lowlights before you commit to your new hair colour?

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What Are Highlights Or Lowlights?

Highlights or lowlights are perfect if you want to subtly boost your hair colour. They’re also a great idea if you are new to hair colour as you retain some of your natural shade too.

Highlights are a fabulous way of illuminating and injecting life into your hair colour and can work wonders for complimenting your skin tone!

Lowlights and highlights are often confused with streaks, which can also be applied using traditional foils. Streaks have a more “in your face” effect on the hair than lowlights and highlights – the benefit of highlights and lowlights is that they have a natural, more low maintenance, sun-kissed finish.

Lowlights vs Highlights – Which is Right For Me?

Lowlights involve adding hair colour that are darker than your natural shade. Lowlights add depth and dimension to your hair colour, which helps to make your hair look thicker!

Highlights use hair colours that are approximately 3 shades lighter than your natural shade. Highlights aim to bring up the overall colour of your hair, whilst softening the look of your hair colour.

What Are Babylights?

Babylights are highlights created using delciate strokes to mimic the subtle, multi-dimensional hair colour seen on children’s hair. Babylights are natural looking and low maintenance, which makes them ideal for those colouring their hair for the first time.

Babylights are a great way to introduce colour to fine hair in a subtle way and can be applied to any hair colour or length of hair.  The highlights should be gently applied around the hairline and parting, with the colour gradually getting bolder towards the ends of the hair.

Balayage Hair Colour – What is It?

Balayage is a French word that means ‘to sweep.’ In this technique, the dye is expertly hand-painted onto sections of your hair. The hair colour is applied from the mid lengths to the ends of the hair, with bolder strokes towards the ends of your hair, and a few highlights applied throughout the roots.

Balayage colour is often just a few shades lighter than your base hair colour, although we can also add bright, fashionable hair colours to the lengths of the hair including pastels and trendy grey hair colours. Balayage hair colour adds depth and dimension to your hair colour in a natural-looking sun-kissed way. Balayage is also incredibly low maintenance, which makes it one of the most popular hair colouring techniques.

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