The Hair Trend That Makes You Look Like a Million Dollars

The Money Piece Highlighting Technique at BLONDE ENVY by Zigzag Hair Salons in Milton Keynes

It’s safe to say that we all want to leave the salon looking like a million dollars. The latest highlighting trend, the “money piece“, is guaranteed to do just that. If you’re on the hunt for a new hair colour trend to try this autumn, book in for a hair colour consultation at BLONDE ENVY by Zigzag Hair Salons in Milton Keynes & Towcester.

Put your money where your hair is and learn all about this exciting new hair trend, including hair colour inspiration below……

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What is The Money Piece Hair Trend?

What exactly is the “money piece” technique and why do we love it so much? This way of highlighting is related to the balayage hair colour trend, where the colour is hand painted onto your hair throughout your locks. With the money piece trend, hair colour is hand painted specifically around your face, framing your face beautifully and even brightening your complexion. Whilst it is a highlighting method, a money piece doesn’t have to be blonde! To create this stunning effect, the colour used should be two to three shades lighter than the rest of your mane to create just the right amount of contrast and lightness.

Your BLONDE ENVY hair colour expert will know just where to place your face-framing highlights so that you leave our salon with a smile so big it looks like you’ve just won the lottery—the hair lottery!

Caramel Money Piece Highlights

Sweeten things up with a caramel money piece this autumn! The combination of warm tones is simply stunning, and the lightness of your caramel money piece will create just the right amount of contrast against your brunette locks.

Platinum Money Piece Highlights

For those of you who have a light, creamy blonde hair colour, ask your BLONDE ENVY colour expert for a platinum money piece! An icy white platinum highlight at the front of your mane will give a beautiful, multi-dimensional finish.

Money Piece Highlights For Redheads

Remember this iconic moment in pop culture history? We think this over the top bleach blonde face frame colour is going to be HUGE this autumn, along with the return of 90’s styling! These highlights offer a great low maintenance hair colour option that still allows you to be bold with your look, without the commitment of a full head hair colour.

Look After Your Money (Piece) at Blonde Envy Salons

To ensure that your money piece style continues to look beautiful in between salon visits, you should follow our simple at home tips : 

Tip #1: Colour treated hair requires specialist hair care. Your BLONDE ENVY stylist can recommend a professional quality hair care system that’s formulated for your newly coloured strands. 

Tip #2: Keep it cool. Since the money piece highlight involves lightening your strands it’s likely that, unless you’re prepared, your hair may become brassy in tone. We can recommend purple toned haircare to keep brassiness at bay in between salon visits. 

Tip #3: Skip the heat. Keep your hair looking smooth and healthy by taking a break from your heated styling tools more often.