Hair Tips & Tricks

Hair Care & Styling Tips & Tricks from ZIGZAG Hair Studios, Towcester

Fed up with fine, limp hair or hair loss?  Cursed with thick, curly hair that is prone to knots?  

We all have different hair issues but there’s usually something we can do to improve your hair.  Check out ZIGZAG Hair Studio‘s top tips & tricks to help you get the best from your hair…


  • Use products aimed at colour-treated hair.
  • After having your hair professionally coloured, wait up to three days before washing it to allow the colour to absorb completely.
  • Protect your hair colour from chlorine, sea salt, and UV light from tanning beds
  • Condition your hair at least once a week.


There are now some fantastic hair repair treatments available in-salon including OLAPLEX™ which can transform your hair to give it strength, shine and a more vibrant colour… or as a stand-alone hair treatment.

You could also try this rather unusual tip!  Avoid towel drying your hair and use an over-sized 100% cotton t-shirt instead.  This is believed to reduce hair breakage and help control frizz and flyaways.


If your hair is limp and lifeless, ask your stylist to recommend the right shampoo, conditioning and styling products to give your hair more volume and lift.  It might be down to the fact you are using the wrong hair conditioner which is weighing down your hair.

Here’s another unconventional tip! Try adding your hair conditioner BEFORE you shampoo your hair to see if it gives your locks a lift.


Fed up with fine and limp hair even after you’ve styled it?  Try these tips:

  • Dry your hair upside down, working your fingers into the roots
  • Apply a hair boosting spray 
  • Spritz your hair with a specially formulated ‘salt spray’ for hair to give it added volume
  • Add a burst of dry shampoo to give your roots a lift.


Do you have tangled hair that is prone to tangling? Invest in a Tangle Teezer detangling brush and try the following…

Gently brush your hair before you shower to get rid of as many knots as possible because it will only become more tangled as you work your hair into a lather.

Use your Tangle Teezer to work gently through any tangles and make sure you condition your hair. 

Invest in a satin cover for your pillow.  Your hair is much less likely to get in a mess as you sleep and you’ll find it looks a lot shinier when you wake up too!


Hair loss can be a cause of great distress for men and women. There are several great products on the market aimed at improving the density of your hair and encouraging hair growth.  We also have some expert tips to encourage thicker hair:

  • Keep your hair as clean as possible as this will stop it being weighed down
  • Gently brush your hair before you shower to avoid tangles and breakage when you lather up
  • Gently dry your hair (try drying it with a 100% cotton t-shirt for a delicate drying technique)
  • Scrunch your hair during the drying process to add volume
  • Never pull your hair back into tight ponytails, buns or plaits – keep your hair loose
  • Massage your scalp during shampooing and conditioning to increase circulation
  • When blow drying, lift your hair at the roots and give your hair a burst of cold air to set the style.