Healthy Winter Hair

Tips for Healthy Winter Hair from Blonde Envy Hair Salons in Milton Keynes

Blustery winds, plummeting temperatures and excessive styling can all wreak havoc and damage your hair’s lustre in the winter months. To have a strong, healthy hair in the winter months and throughout the year, here are a few precautions to take recommended by the hair experts at our Blonde Envy hair salons.

Trim Hair to Beat Split Ends In Winter 

On average hair grows around half an inch every four weeks but some people find their hair grows faster during the winter. However, all hair, whatever length, needs regular trimming to keep split ends at bay. Long and coloured hair is most prone to splitting, as the older hair gets – the more likely it is to break. Trimming short hair every five to six weeks is ideal and seven to nine weeks for longer styles.

Prevent Damaged Hair In Winter

Healthy Winter HairTo keep your hair glossy and healthy during winter it is important to prevent dryness. You can achieve fabulous looking hair all year long by purchasing a wide variety of hair care products from our hair salons.

With an OLAPLEX treatment, you can ensure your hair gets the repair it needs.  After just one treatment, OLAPLEX can dramatically improve your hair’s condition.  It can be applied during the hair colouring process to eliminate hair breakage AND as a stand-alone treatment on even the most over-processed hair. It is designed to repair the hair’s structure which can be broken during the permanent hair colouring and lightening process and through years of heat and sun damage.


Condition Hair Regularly

If your tresses feel dry, use plenty of good-quality conditioner to restore their natural moisture and glossiness. This will also help deal with annoying early morning hair tangles. Conditioner should be gently massaged into dry hair and worked upwards towards the roots. We stock the full range of Goldwell Dualsenses Serums which are designed to give your hair the boost it needs – whether that is to lock in colour, add shine, revive curls or rejuvenate dull and lifeless locks.  Once you’re tried one of these fabulous serums we’re convinced you’ll never turn back. For just £5 we can add a serum to your normal hair wash service.  Find out more here.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Healthy Winter HairEat the correct balance of nutrients and minerals to supply hair with all that it needs to remain shiny, lustrous and strong… Healthy hair foods can help you achieve better, stronger, shinier and thicker hair from the inside out. By following a healthy, balanced eating plan, get hair that is lustrous shiny and resilient, and a mane you have always dreamed of.




Prevent Flaky, Itchy Scalp During Winter

Healthy Winter HairIt is important to protect your hair from the cold weather, as your hair risks breakage when it freezes or becomes too cold. You can try wearing a hat, although this may lead to scalp irritation or breakage. This can further cause your scalp to peel and become itchy. If you find that your scalp becomes too itchy, applying a natural oil to the hair ensures it is well hydrated with essential moisture and nutrients. 

Applying a natural oil to the hair ensures it is well hydrated with essential moisture and nutrients. The Goldwell Elixir is a wonderfully weightless oil that is immediately absorbed into the hair leaving it feeling pleasantly light. Your hair will feel silky soft, smooth and shiny, plus it can help to tame unruly or frizzy hair and protect against heat damage from blow drying and friction caused by brushing.  It can be used on towel-dried or dry hair and will also improve the colour brilliance of your hair.

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