How to Prevent Frizz

Top Frizzy Hair Tips from Blonde Envy Hair Salons in Towcester and Milton Keynes

With the rainy Autumn weather comes bad hair days where tangles and frizz come out to play. Luckily, with regular hair smoothing treatments and deep conditioning treatments, keeping frizz at bay has become easier. If you want to know what causes frizz and how to combat it, here are some top tips from the expert hair stylists at Blonde Envy Hair Salons.

If you are after some expert advice on your hair, pop into our one of our ZIGZAG hair salons and our expert hair stylists will assess your hair as well as suggest the best hair care tips for you.  You can book your hair cut, colour or hair treatment by calling one of the numbers below.  You can also save money on our  Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Service with our special introductory offer where you can enjoy smoother hair for just £50, available for a limited period.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

frizzy-hairThe main problem with frizzy hair is that it’s dry. Frizz occurs when there is a lack of moisture in the hair. Throughout the day your hair tends to lose moisture, often caused by environmental factors such as windy weather or pollution. The cuticle, which is the outermost layer on the hair strands, opens up and lets the outside air in when frizz occurs.

Hair is also most susceptible to becoming a frizzy mess on days when the weather is humid. Humidity causes frizz to arise due to the intense moisture in the air. So for frizz not to occur your hair must have the right moisture and protein balance.

How to Control Frizzy Hair

Condition Hair Regularly – As moisture must be deposited in your hair in order to eliminate frizz, conditioning hair regularly is very important. Shinier and healthier hair can be yours if you adopt a regular conditioning regime. Our expert hair stylists at Blonde Envy Hair Salons can advise you on the best conditioner to use for your hair type. We offer various hair care products by Kerasilk that will help treat your hair to an injection of keratin. The luxury shampoos, conditioners, serums and masks will give your hair that luxury spa moment. When applying conditioner, start from the tips all the way down to your ends. Avoid drenching your roots with conditioner so it can have some breathing space.












Have a Protein Hair Treatment – Get your hair from frustrated to fabulous with the Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Service. You are guaranteed to have smooth and silky hair for up to 4-6 weeks! This treatment will improve the manageability of unruly hair whilst keeping your natural hair shape, including curls. It also maintains natural volume. Save money with our special introductory offer where you can enjoy smoother hair for just £50, available for a limited period.

For an at-home treatment, opt for the fabulous Kerasilk deep smoothing mask treatment. It contains the highest concentration of keratin and silk proteins to transform extremely unmanageable and damaged hair into perfectly smooth hair. It will also seal the cuticle for long-lasting manageability and luxuriously soft hair like silk.












Deep Condition Colour Treated Hair.  If your hair is colour treated, we stock the full range of Goldwell Dualsenses Serums which are designed to give your hair the boost it needs – whether that is to lock in your new hair colour, add shine, revive curls or rejuvenate dull and lifeless locks.  Once you’re tried one of these fabulous serums we’re convinced you’ll never turn back. For just £5 we can add a serum to your normal hair wash service.  Find out more here.

Finger Comb Hair to Distribute Oils – Finger combing frizzy hair helps to distribute oils more effectively. After shampooing and conditioning, apply a moisture-locking dry oil such as the Goldwell Elixir. It is a wonderfully weightless oil that is immediately absorbed into the hair leaving it feeling pleasantly light. It will also act as a barrier and keep the liquids from penetrating and your hair will feel silky soft, smooth and most importantly frizz free. Once the oil is applied, wet your fingers and run them through sections of your hair to detangle any knots. Braid your hair into two pigtails or put it up in a bun after shampooing. The frizz-fighting mechanism is more effective when your cuticles are locked into place.

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