What is Balayage?

Visit ZIGZAG Hair Studios for the Best Balayage and Ombré Hair Colours in Milton Keynes, Westcroft, Newport Pagnell, Kingston & Towcester

balayage-at-zigzag-hairdressersYou know exactly how you want your hair to look, right? Darker roots with some sun-kissed blonde or perhaps a touch of red growing lighter towards the ends? You want balayage!

The French word balayage means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’.  Using this technique we can add your hair colour exactly where you want it.

The look can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish – and we can use a variety of colours from brunettes, reds and blondes to fashion colours.


Trust The Master Colour Experts at ZIGZAG Hair Studios To Create Beautiful Balayage, Ombré & Pastel Hair Colours for Women

pink-fashion-hair-colours-at-zigzag-hair-studios-milton-keynes-newport-pagnell-wescroft-kingstonIf you want a beautiful balayage or ombre hair colour, or maybe a gorgeous pastel hair colour or rainbow colours added to your hair, it is worth booking in with one of our Master Colour Experts at ZIGZAG Hair Studios.

Our hair colour technicians have been highly trained to understand exactly how your hair will respond to the hair colouring process.  We understand how to apply the colour to achieve the look you desire.  We can also protect your hair during your service by adding the superb OLAPLEX hair strengthening and conditioning treatment.

Whatever look you desire, your first step should be to book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation.  Bring a photo of the hair colour you would like and have a good talk to a ZIGZAG hair expert who will explain the process, price and what can realistically be achieved with your hair.

Balayage Hair Transformations at ZIGZAG Hair Salons in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Towcester, Westcroft and Kingston

Check out some of our recent hair transformation with balayage and ombre techniques at ZIGZAG Hair Studios.

balayage-colour balayage-fashion-hair-colours-zigzag-hairdressers-milton-keynes balayage-hair-colour-at-zigzag-hair-studios
balayage-milton-keynes-hairdressers balayage-zigzag-hair-salons balayage
blonde-ombre-at-zigzag-hair-salons-milton-keynes-crowthorne highlighted-blonde-balayage-at-zigzag-hair-studios
red-balayage-at-zigzag-hair-salons-milton-keynes the-best-balayage-hair-colours-in-milton-keyes zigzag-hair-salons-the-best-for-balayage